About Us

We are Heavenly Delights Catering, the best father and daughter team, creating desserts full of flavour, love and laughter. Love, passion and happiness are our special ingredients and the only ones you can't buy in a supermarket.

Our Story

Heavenly Delights Catering is inspired by the greatest cooks I know, my grandmother and my father. I cannot imagine my life without those Saturday afternoons gathered around a table surrounded by family and friends.

As I reminisce I can still see the passion, love and happiness it brought them. As the clock ticks by and the earth rotates the people would gather around waiting aimlessly for the Saturday surprise, better known as lunch.

At this moment in my life I knew that I had found my calling. With the help of fresh ingredients, mixed spices, my grandmother's encouragement and my father secret blue book, I have now created Heavenly Delights Catering.