I'm a student from Australia with a strong interest in all things technology, both hardware and software, as well as cars. I've done some professional web development but all my other skills have come from and are used as a hobby.

Some of my skills include:

  • web development
  • hardware and software troubleshooting and support
  • experience with various operating systems (Windows, OSX/macOS and various Linux distributions)
  • linux server management
  • IT project management
  • information systems and databases
  • communication systems
  • basic knowledge on automated manufacturing systems


Heavenly Delights Catering website

I made a fairly simple website for Heavenly Delights Catering and look after most technical aspects of the business. Dev site.

Ricing (linux desktop art)

Ricing refers to making visual customizations to a desktop. It comes from the practice of customizing slow cars to appear fast, also known as ricing. My latest rice and information about it can be found on my dotfiles page.


A browser startpage in a command line tree style with links and a search bar. Source.

vnStat Alert

A python script to monitor data usage on a system/server, originally made to be used in a business environment, specific actions and/or an email alert can be set up to activate when the specified usage limit is reached.